We Are Everywhere: Homophobia And The Brave New World

Iranian Teenagers Hung For Homosexuality in 2005. Courtesy of Str/ASSOCIATED PRESS/the Guardian

People do go on about the ‘power of the internet’ these days.

It is in turns instrumental in bringing down dictatorships, spreading news and information at lightning speed and has single handily contributed down to the downfall of face to face communication and the decline of society itself.

However, the ease with which people can spread information anonymously now has created a huge opportunity to spread messages all over the world.

LGBT rights are not normally highly prioritised in so many different places around the world. In 69 countries around the world it is still illegal. In 7 it carries the death penalty. In countries like Uganda it might as well be. Continue reading We Are Everywhere: Homophobia And The Brave New World

Britain Ablaze Over What Exactly?

Santander Smashed Up Near Victoria Square in Birmingham (Taken by myself)

Last week I was doing work experience on the Strand and staying in North London, where they’re rioting. This week I’m in Birmingham and there are more riots. Next week I’m in Leeds doing work experience and I’m fairly sure there will be rioting.

Now normally I would say I was right: I do attract trouble but as I’m not that self centered I’d say that the motivations behind the riots are unclear.

Why riot?

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