Where I’ve been all summer…

Apologies for all followers of the blog who haven’t seen an update all summer. Truth is my real work is catching up with me. I have had other articles and projects to work on all summer, as well as moving to London, networking and building relationships within the city to hopefully get me a full time job and preparing to start a master’s degree in Newspaper Journalism at City University London.

I will resume writing for the blog, hopefully by the end of the month, after conference season is over as I have too much work beforehand. 



Blog is on hiatus during the conferences

As you may have heard its conference season at the moment and being the fledging political journalist that I am, I am currently in Brighton covering the conferences before shortly moving onto Manchester then Birmingham.

As such this blog will likely not be updated while I’m on the road as I have too much work to do, am constantly travelling and have limited internet.

Expect a return the regularly scheduled programming 13th-14th October.

Laptop Broke, Blog Gone…

…well not forever but until the good people at the University of Birmingham’s Guild of Students make my sick laptop better there will be no updates from.

Essentially, last night laptop go BOOM!

I do have access to the internet at the university library (where I’m writing this) twenty minutes walk from my house but as I normally write in the evening the whole not-getting-raped-and-murdered-in-the-cold-dark-night thing sort of takes precendence over my blogging schedule.

Therefore, I will leave you with a round of up of the things I found interesting over the past ten days:

Afghan women jailed for being victims of rape

The Scottish referendum

Riots in Hungary

Secession in Jamaica

Merry Christmas To All…

….and to all a goodnight.

Even hardened and jaded wannabe foreign correspondents like me occansionally indulge in frivolty and alcohol consumption.

Will return on 27th.

If you need some festive Caroline Mortimer style ramblings until then, try my latest for the Huffington Post about the homeless at Christmas time or if you’re in search of something a bit more festive try my Literature blog for twelve days of Christmas Cheer!

Have a good one!

I Need Time Off…

…I don’t want to elaborate too much but I’m unable to concentrate on anything at the moment so my coursework is looming up on me. And its only the start of term. I’m having some issues at the moment (more than usual) and unless I stop now I will quickly reach the end of my tether.

And that ain’t pretty.

Blog will probably be back in a week or two.

Britain Ablaze Over What Exactly?

Santander Smashed Up Near Victoria Square in Birmingham (Taken by myself)

Last week I was doing work experience on the Strand and staying in North London, where they’re rioting. This week I’m in Birmingham and there are more riots. Next week I’m in Leeds doing work experience and I’m fairly sure there will be rioting.

Now normally I would say I was right: I do attract trouble but as I’m not that self centered I’d say that the motivations behind the riots are unclear.

Why riot?

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