Hello world!

Another day, another blog platform.

So far we have:

blogspot.com for my personal neuroses, existential crises and the odd epiphany.

tumblr is a record of all my journalistic endeavours past and present with the odd amusing photo and reflections on the state of the universe that are longer than 140 characters.

Facebook for personal use.

livejournal for chronicling whatever harebrained scheme I’ve cooked up at the time (currently I’ve given up alcohol for Lent).

Twitter for random reflections, making contacts and generally technological prattishness (@CJMortimer).

And now WordPress; for all my political, socio-economic and other assorted rants. Hoping it’ll form some sort of coherent narrative but that’s very,very unlikely. I’m trying to incorporate everything I’m interested in, such as takes my fancy either once a week or once a fortnight depending on my workload. However, as my interests are vast and my opinions often contradictory I don’t know how far the ‘theme’ of this blog is going to work out…